Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama and America's Moral Decline

      If you had any doubt about which direction The United States of America are headed, the 2012 Presidential elections should clarify how deeply "America's morals" have declined in recent years.  Even if you had been blissfully enjoying your life, and you hadn't been paying close attention over the last few years, Obama's landslide victory should have put America's values directly in your sight.  I'm not referring to the fact that President Barrack Obama was elected to a second term either.

     As anyone who used social media during the election cycle can tell you, the moment it became clear that even Karl Rove couldn't fix this election Twitter exploded with the RightWing's racist hate. I'll quote a few of the more widely published examples in case you were lucky enough to have avoided them. (censorship was my decision, no other edits have been made)

@MoriahRae1 "Fucking Ni**er won again"

@Madukeprobz "Ok we pick a worthless ni**er over a full blooded american what the hell has our world come its called the white house for a reason"

@Queenofflop "Obama won because he is black. Romney would have been a much better president  as he actually has morals unlike ni**er Obama."

There are many thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of tweets and Facebook posts just like these, but I think the picture has been painted.

The problem with the right remains the same. Their apocalyptic end times theological "Base" is easily excitable, uneducated,  theistically blinded, and uninterested in improving or bettering their understanding of the issues blocking their values and judgements.  While I think it is easy to write off the above racist comments as the "actions of a few sore losers" I do not believe that does true justice to the story.

The fact is, if you blame the decline of America on; abortions, atheist, free-thinkers, science, homosexuals, the separation of church and state, the poor, evolution, or any other similar idea. You are the reason the country is in decline.

Why not follow Glen Beck's advice and "buy a gun and some farm land" this America is a scary place.

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