Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GOP Names Another Climate change denier As Head Of House Science Committee

If anyone has ever asked you why you vote, or if you’ve ever doubted the importance of voting in every single election meet Lamar Smith. On Tuesday afternoon, republican House Speaker John Boehner announced that they were recommending Smith to become the chairman of the House Science Committee, and on Wednesday the selection was ratified by the house.
If you aren’t aware of Lamar’s Smith’s, he is best known for sponsoring the SOPA the “anti-internet piracy” bill that was blasted out of congress after a huge wave of public criticism. In fact Smith’s SOPA bill would have "allowed the U.S. government and private corporations to create a blacklist of censored websites” The man wanted to grant the government the ability to censor the information you could access online, and if that isn’t scary enough wait until you hear his scientific “policies”

It may be possible that Smith’s appointment is partially because his GOP counterparts feel sorry for him after initially supporting and then eventually abandoning the SOPA bill like rats after the public uprising.

The scary and sad fact is Lamar Smith is yet another GOP climate change denier, and has been quoted as calling those of us concerned with silly things like the drought through-out our countries farmlands, rising sea levels, and melting ice caps as “global warming alarmists.”  

As long as we continue to elect officials who deny basic and universally accepted facts like evolution and climate change to run our country, we will continue to fall further and further from our once mighty post as the global pioneer of social, scientific, and academic thought.

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