Monday, November 19, 2012

John McAfee Your Typical Multi-Millionaire Blogging Murder Suspect On the Run

     Anti-virus software, and share-ware pioneer  John McAfee was once worth over $100 million, but due to some poorly timed investments and the 2008 global financial downturn  his wealth has "dwindled" down to roughly $4 million. Losing $96 million dollars is quite an achievement, but McAfee known for his eccentric personality and love of women, as he usually does, has taken things to the extreme. He's gone from being the founder of the first commercial anti-virus software program, to selling his company to Oracle for $7 Billion, and transitioned into an internet blogger. Oh and he happens to be blogging about his life on the lam, while being sought for questioning in the murder of his Belize neighbor.  

     In another strange twist, to an already twisted and strange tale,  McAfee has decided to ditch the typical low-profile that most murder suspects prefer and share with us his time on the run. McAfee's blog "The Hinterland"  has been authenticated, by his close friend Chad Essley, according to ABC News. What I find most bizarre about McAfee's writings are the details he is willing to share. Most of his entries go into depth about his, accomplices, disguises and even the fact that he is still keeping an eye on his house.  
While its obviously true he could be, and probably is making up these details in an attempt to throw the authorities a false lead. Using such detailed times and locations makes his stories so easily verifiable they'd hardly be worth the time he spent writing them. Either way, I have to admit I'll be reading what he has to say. 

Here's hoping this thing somehow has a positive ending. 


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