Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wants More Ways To Shoot Illegal Immigrants

What is more scary than a publicity seeking, egomaniacal, senile, county sheriff with the delusional belief that he has some type of merit & authority over the sitting United States President? Well what if I told you we added 'assault weapon carrying' to that description?  That is right everyone's favorite demented sheriff, Joe Arpaio took a break from knocking down homes with his tank and killing animals to pledge in a press release to 'put an automatic weapon in the hands of every Maricopa Country deputy because “Aside from their (illegal aliens) determination to get away we will continue to make every effort to pursue and apprehend human smugglers as well as drug traffickers. More and more illegal aliens are attempting to escape which places my deputies in dangerous positions. In the near future I will be issuing automatic weapons for all my deputies. The official press release distributed by the Maricopa Country Sheriff’s Office on Thursday quoted Arpaio as saying. 

Mr. Arpairo how does putting assault weapons in the hands of the same deputies that killed 40 chickens in a tank-raid to save "save" chickens from a cock-fighting ring make anyone or anything safer? I'm not sure if putting the ability to shoot rapid bursts of high velocity bullets in the hards of your deputies has any affect on the people you target, but it scares the hell out of me. 

If you live in or anywhere near Maricopa County, Arizona my only advice is you buy some kevlar and stay low. 

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