Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cold War Isn’t Over It Just Moved to the Middle East

Over 300 nuclear weapons are currently poised to end life on earth.  As tension continues to build between Pakistan and India, what was once Bill Clinton’s nightmare end of the world scenario hasn’t gotten any better, since he left office. In fact its becoming ever closer to reality.  

As the two countries continue to fight over Cashmere (and the Cashmere water supply) the two governments continue to edge ever closer towards a nuclear holocaust with devastating global repercussions. In fact Sami ul-Haq’s ‘The Father of the Taliban’ has even gone on record saying he believes Pakistan should indeed attack India with nuclear weapons even if the cost of doing so is losing Islamabad or other Pakistani cities to India’s certain nuclear retaliation. 

On the India side of this dispute, their government has also made terrifying public statements. The Indian government has promised an attack on Pakistan with ballistic weapons if there is ever another “Mumbai like terrorist attack” which they claim was sponsored & funded by the Pakistani government.  In fact it seems almost certain that Pakistan is currently funding anti-Indian attacks.

It seems that this conflict is headed towards a certain and complete worldwide destruction. If you look at the ozone damage caused by nuclear testing in the Bikini Atolls, which the US and many other Nuclearlly armed countries use to test their weapons. The sun now causes 10X more damage in Australia from these close by past tests.   

In fact many scientist agree that “A regional nuclear exchange of 100 15-kiloton weapons … would produce unprecedented low-ozone columns over populated areas in conjunction with the coldest surface temperatures experienced in the last 1,000 years, and would likely result in a global nuclear famine” 

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