Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Costa Rica Bans Hunting

on Monday, December 10th 2012 The Costa Rican Congress approved a nation wide ban on the “sport” of hunting in a unanimous vote.  Costa Rica became the first Latin American country to impose such a ban. After they had previously approved a reform to their wildlife conservation law back in October.
Costa Rica is already known for its strong environmental protection, and currently 25% of Costa Rican land is protected as national parks or reserves.
Jaguars, pumas and sea turtles are just some of the newly protected animals in what may be the most bio-diverse nation on our planet. Under the new law, those caught hunting can face up to four months in prison.
The measures put in place will help the Costa Rican officials battle both foreign hunters and exotic pet collectors who come to Costa Rica in search of it’s many exotic creatures. 

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