Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mutant AquAdvantage® salmon Approved By FDA

      Mutant AquAdvantage® salmon that has been genetically engineered to grow twice as fast as its natural counterpart received a nod of confidence from the Food and Drug Administration on Friday. The FDA released its findings which stated that the mutant fish do not pose a threat to the environment and are “as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon.” 

      In other words without any type of long tern testing the “FDA has concluded that no significant food safety hazards or risks have been identified with respect to the phenotype of the AquAdvantage Salmon.” The FDA report cleared a major hurdle for AquaBounty Technologies who is attempting to bring the AquAdvantage® Salmon to a table near you. 

     Food-safety activists, environmental groups and traditional salmon fishing industries are staunchly opposed to such a step and are part of a broader global struggle over the use of genetically modified foods. Countries in the European Union have banned some genetically modified foods outright and instituted tight labeling requirements on foods that contain modified ingredients. Countries such as Russia, Japan and Peru also have instituted restrictions on genetically altered foods. 

     In the US there are many movements to stop and or label all genetically modified foods. However there are also huge well funded lobbyist who are doing everything they can to get away without even labeling a GMO containing product.

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