Saturday, December 29, 2012

The United States Of War

The republican myth that “they are the party of controlled spending” ends today. It will be replaced with the accurate description of the republican party; the party of “cheap labor and war”
In fact we spend 53% of our tax dollars on war and war related activities and departments. That’s 53 cents on every dollar you pay in federal taxes. This astounding number means you paid a huge chuck of money so that our government can kill people you've never met. I paid roughly $62,000 in federal taxes this year, meaning I personally paid $32,860 to fuel the US war machine in the last 365 days. This isn't something I feel ok with. The US budget for 2013 is roughly $3.6 trillion, and we are spending just about 1.9 trillion on military related expenses. Not only is that number ridiculous but the Boehner so called “Plan B” measure he actually proposed then pulled  with great embarrassment would have prohibited the president from using the defense budget in 2013 to get under spending caps. The exact wording of his bill is below.
“Any sequestration order issued by the president ... to carry out reductions to direct spending for the defense function (050) for fiscal year 2013 ... shall have no force or effect,”
If you are really interested in cutting spending wouldn’t the one item taking up over 50% of the “pie” be an area you might seriously want to look at? But they don’t, the Republicans want you to believe that Obama’s Affordable healthcare act is going to be the tax burden that is going to ruin your life. Well for comparisons the AHCA’s (ObamaCare’s) expected expense is $1 trillion over 10 years!
Rough Budget estimates of a few of the key areas of war-machine spending for just 2013.
  • Pentagon – $700 Billion
  • War Contingency Fund – $150 Billion
  • CIA/NSA/DIA – $50-$100 Billion
  • Home Land Security – $40 Billion
  • VA - $120-140 Billion
  • $400-600 Billion In INTEREST on the debt
1.9 Trillion for Wars every year VS 1 Trillion to provide heath-care for the entire country for 10 years. Which one creates the problem? So the next time your red leaning friends mention the need to cut The Department of Education, Or get rid of "ObamaCare", or welfare, or social security benefits need to be made into a voucher, or the retirement age needs to be increased ask them what they are going to do about the 53 cents in every taxed dollar that we spend on the United States War Machine.  

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