Saturday, January 5, 2013

Want To Save The Planet? Start At Home.

     So you want to save the world, you want to fix the polluted air, become a vegan, stop the ocean from becoming a plastic soup, save the children suffering from famine, and put an end to the global financial crisis, but you are only one person. In fact even if you rounded up all your friends you’d still be just a small group of insignificant humans, right?

     Solving the world’s problems isn’t a simple thing. There are immensely complicated webs of intertangled complex issues surrounding each and every world crisis. The large and the small problems are laced with challeneges that make them seem truly unfixable, no matter the time or resources you have at your disposal. 

     However the truth is, you hold the recipe for the true revolution. The revolution our country, society, species, and planet all need, is with-in each of us. It is so easy to look at the marco-level problems facing our planet and become overwhelmed thinking of way to fix them, when the truth is we need to work on fixing the micro-level problems facing each of us. Our egos want to solve the big picture problems. Our egos keep us so focused on the marco-level, the big picture level, that we fail to solve the small picture problems facing us each day. Ignoring those “close-proximity” problems; how you treat those people close to you, how you treat those people who “serve you”, how tidy is your house, how healthy are you? The truth is, if you are spending all of your time and money saving the white rhino that’s wonderful, unless you are doing so at the expense of your micro-level problems. You can save all the rhinos in the world, if you are treating your close proximity surroundings poorly you are doing more harm than good to the world.    

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