Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GOP's Criminal VA Gerrymandering

While VA Democratic Senator and famed civil rights lawyer Henry Marsh was in Washington, D.C. celebrating the 2nd inauguration of President Barack Obama . The Virginia state Republican party forced through an unethical and unconstitutional redistricting bill that changed 40 districts. The surprise bill that only passed in a 20-19 vote because Marsh was at the presidential inauguration took less than 40 minutes to be introduced and voted on, without discussion.
Currently, the VA state Senate is split evenly, 20-20, between red and blue represenatives and as Rachel Maddow has reported in the event of a tie, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, (who is a Republican) gets to cast a final deciding vote. However Republicans were not sure he would have supported this bill (a spokesman for Bolling told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the Republicans’ move “is not something that he supported.”)
Mr. Ultrasound himself Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell has also claimed he was blindsided by the move. 
“The Governor was very surprised to learn that a redistricting bill would be voted on by the Senate today,” said Tucker Martin, a spokesperson for McDonnell.
“He has not seen this legislation. If the bill gets to his desk he will review it in great detail at that time as he did with prior redistricting legislation.”
VA state Democrats have already said they plan to challenge the vote in court, if McDonnell chooses to sign it into law 
“There will be litigation, you can pretty much be sure of that,” Said Senate Democratic Leader Richard L. Saslaw to the AP. 

Do you have a problem with this? As an American you should. Please reach out to Governor McDonnell and let him know you do not support him signing this bill.

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