Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chris Dorner has become the first human target for airborne drones on US soil

Yesterday, it was revealed that suspected murderer Chris Dorner has become the first human target for remotely-controlled airborne drones on US soil, as a police source said: “The thermal imaging cameras the drones use may be our only hope of finding him. On the ground, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Dorner, who was fired from the LAPD in 2008 and accused of lying about a fellow officer he accused of violent misconduct, has vowed to seek revenge by “killing officers and their families” who he feels have wronged his police career. 

Dorner’s violent vendetta began last Sunday when he shot dead Monica Quan, 27, the daughter of a former LAPD captain, and her fiancé Keith Lawrence while they they sat innocently in their car outside their home in Irvine, California.

A few days later, Dorner stole a boat at gunpoint and tied up an 81-year-old man in San Diego, near the Mexican border. He abandoned the boat when he discovered he had inadvertently fowled the prop and could not get the engine to start.

The following day, last Thursday, he was involved in a shoot-out with police in Cornona, 110 miles north of San Diego. The officers, one of whom was wounded, had been guarding one of the many targets Dorner had called out in his "facebook manifesto"  

Later that day, in nearby Riverside, he killed one police officer, whose name has not yet been revealed for security reasons, and wounded a second after opening fire on their car after pulling up next to them at a traffic light.

All of this seems to prove Chris Dorner is a desperate and violent man. However, Just because a suspected murdered is potentially armed and extremely dangerous shouldn't mean law enforcement gets a carte blanch to kill on sight during apprehension of a suspect, whom within our countries boarders is to be considered innocent until proven guilty and is entitled the right to a fair trial.

As the manhunt for him broadened across police jurisdictions, CA police officers mistakenly shot and wounded a hispanic 78 year old mother and her daughter while delivering newspapers in a pick-up truck "similar" to Dorner’s. Although it was both the wrong make and wrong color.
That incident, in the LA suburb of Torrance, was then shockingly followed up two hours later by another in the same area, when police again opened fire again on another wrong pick-up truck. Again this was a shoot first situation, before confirming either the identity or threat level of the driver. This time, there were no injuries. 
It is time that we start to wonder just what the LAPD is trying to keep from getting public. The shooting of the two women delivering news pappers in the wrong colored truck is a very clear signal of desperation. Could it be that the LA police wan't to silence Chris Dornerbefore he spills the beans?


Police are currently forcing entry into a home in Big Bear, with tracks leading inside. 

9:16AM MST - "The garage door is unlocked" Police are making their way into the home. 

Here is a link  to the google street view of the house police are currently forcing entry into, in Big Bear.

9:23AM MST -  A second home is about to be searched. 

10:06AM MST "Suspect with multiple fire arms in home"

Scanner appears to have been taken off line at 10:07AM MST

Scanner back up and running . . . 

10:40 AM MST Police Asking for extra Patrol Down Town and at the Airport. Police dispatch operator refers to the situation as "The Crisis" 

4 Separate houses have been mentioned already. 

2:00PM MST The trail apparently has gone cold. Five days into the search for fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner, authorities hope that their announcement of a $1-million reward could jump-start the case.

Story updating in progress... Follow the live police scanner below. 


State Fish and Wildlife assistant chief Dan Sforza tells KCAL-TV that game wardens spotted Dorner in a Vehicle on highway 38 and attempted to pull him over. They did exchange gunfire with Dorner but he was able to get away into the woods.

2:20PM MST "Officer Down" In gunfight with Chris Dorner

2:26 PM MST "Another Officer Down"

2:27 PM MST Chris Dorner has been spotted. Police on scene "Automatic Fire inbound"

2:28 PM MST Police dispatcher asks for update on downed deputies. No Response. 

2:30 PM MST Police on scene requested armored vehicle to "get personnel out of area" 

2:33 PM MST Police are using smoke grenades in hopes of reaching downed offices. 

2:34 PM MST On scene officers asking again for armored vehicle.

2:35 PM MST 1 officer dead. 

2:38 PM MST On site officer "He is in the cabin" 

2:40 PM MST Rescue teams trying to get to injured officers. 2 deputies are in route to air-rescuse chopper. 

2:42 PM MST perimeter is not secure. On site officer "Back of building is not covered"

2:46 PM MST Police dispatch "Setting up perimeter for tactical operation."

2:55 PM MST Police on scene ask again for armored vehicle "35-40 minutes" 

2:56 PM MST Police on scene "Its gonna be the cabin with the stone chimney on the east" "We have been exchanging fire with suspect for 20 minutes" 

3:05 PM MST "2 Helicopters and 20 swat members on standby at airport"

3:11 PM MST Automatic gunfire bursts can be heard in background of on scene officers communication.  

3:12 PM MST Dispatch having a difficult time reaching the rescue team to get updates on the downed officers. 

3:21 PM MST An armored "BearCat" vehicle is close to arriving on scene. (Picture for reference) 

3:25 PM MST On scene police requesting no one fire, "unless you see something from the house"

3:26 PM MST On scene officer asks that no additional officers come to the scene "We have more than enough help up here" 

3:30 PM MST SWAT confirmed on scene.  

3:32 PM MST "Nickels Team" which had been "missing" during the firefight has been found, their radios are not currently able to transmit communications.  

4:03 PM MST On Scene officers asking for 2 additional helicopters, suspect has not been seen in quite some time

6:39 PM MST "Police are no longer searching for Chis Dorner"

Story updating in progress... 

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