Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Republican Myth

Taking a look at Paul Ryan's recent financial vomit budget idea it is very easy to objectively ask how the Red Party has a finically conservative reputation. The republicans are certainly not fiscally conservative. Conservatives call themselves many things that are at odds with reality. The Party is billed as a group of rugged individualists who must adhere to a fundamentalist ideology, while protecting the finances of the US of A. What the party actually is, tends to differ.The end of the myth that the Republican Party is the party of sound and conservative economic policy is long, long long long, past due.

From starting unnecessary, expensive wars with trillion-dollar price-tags to piling subsidy money into the hands of oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies, and wall street banking firms, they have been willing time and time again to spend nearly uncountable sums of public taxpayer money if it benefitted their large corporation friends.  In fact the only time republicans seem to worry about spending is when it comes to spending money on middle and poorer classes. As we heard time and time again at CPAC this week the republican rallying cry seems to be that of equating food stamps as the financial equivalent of societal hari kari.
The truth is House Republicans, have voted to cut spending for women, children, National Parks, law enforcement, etc, etc etc, but continue to vote to keep giving taxpayer-funded corporate welfare to Big Oil:
As the House of Representatives moved toward approving a stopgap resolution to avert a government shutdown for another two weeks, Democrats offered a motion to recommit that would have stripped the five largest oil companies of taxpayer subsidies, saving tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds. The motion failed on a vote of 176-249, with all Republicans voting against (approximately a dozen Democrats joined the GOP

The Republicans might insist they want to cut spending, but the truth is simple. The red party is nothing more than a collection bought and paid for bully saboteurs seeking to stall the US economic recovery. The middle class and the poor are easy targets, and they are directly in the congress’s site.
If Congress gets its way expect lower taxes on the rich and higher taxes on the middle class and expect cuts in programs for the poor. 

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