Friday, March 1, 2013

Republicans Choose to Punish 98% of Their Constituents

Over the past few weeks, President Obama has been telling the anyone who will listen about how the sequester cuts will adversely affect the economy, and really be quite dreadful for America. The republicans in congress on the other hand, despite earlier admissions that the cuts will be damaging, have made no attempt to find a viable solution. This week House Majority Leader Eric Cantor attacked President Obama for touring the country “scaring people, creating havoc telling Americans their food is going to go uninspected” As Ira As Ezra Klein pointed out this week on ‘The Last Word’ The reason the President isn’t spending his time working on a plan, is he has already laid out a plan. A plan that is easy to find and available on the White House website. In fact, with all the Republican hoping, wishing and bluster about their need to see the President's plan, one has to wonder if anyone in the republican wing knows how to use a computer, let alone  websites like google, or possibly even bing!
Cantor has also claimed that the President is intentionally making sequester cuts extra painful. Republicans are attempting to lay out a message of “the sequester is Obama’s fault” and “Obama is purposely making sequester cuts to the federal government painful” Which is incredibly ironic since they not only were behind the sequester but many in the party still champion it as the proper thing to do.
Republicans are losing the battle in the court of public opinion, even among their own base, and still they choose to punish 98% of their constituents to protect the wealthy, and their corporations. 

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