Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Blue & A Red President, Everybody Wins? Or Do They?

  Just moments after the now infamous FoxNews "Rove Meltdown" and long before Megyn Kelly's tears had time to dry I had an idea. An idea born out of hate, and while I usually find it a best practice to avoid hate filled ideas, this was a hate that could not be ignored.  It didn't take long after president Obama's November 6th reelection, before Twitter exploded with right-winged disgust. The kind of foul fact-less hate that only 8 hours of FoxNews a day can brew.  Reading the ignorant, often racist tweets vomiting their faux-patriotism with nearly the same explosive force as their theism gave me an idea.

"Why not turn their hate against them?"

I am not talking about rehashing the violence of the civil war either. Although I do find it interesting that if we did the states would essentially break along the same lines as they did in 1861. I guess what they say really is true

"The more things change the more things stay the same"

What I am talking about is rehashing the constitution, the frame-work of government and entire "united" states. In fact what I'm proposing, the real prescription to fix this thing, is to establish the Un-united States Of America.  I know it sounds drastic, and i'm not really all that serious about it, but don't let that deter you. This idea ends red hate, so without further ado here's all we have to do to fix the entire country 8 years

We elect two presidents every 4 years. One president to run those states voting red and one president to run those states voting blue.  For the sake of simplifying things lets just say the House and the Senate are shared. There are plenty of details and obstacles with this "plan" but they aren't important you'd of course have to re-frame the government if you set up this system so lets just speak in the hypothetical terms that those details were worked out.

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