Friday, October 23, 2015

Why Bernie Sanders Is Already Winning

Bernie Sanders is already winning. You read that right, no matter what the polls say, Bernie Sanders is winning the war of  progressive ideologies. Case in point today’s sudden announcement by the Hillary Clinton campaign that “She will end private prisons and private immigrant detention centers. “  Apparently and very suddenly after weeks of Bernie Sanders hammering this very issue. she now believes that “We should not contract out this core responsibility of the federal government,  when we’re dealing with a mass incarceration crisis. We don’t need private industry incentives that may contribute – or have the appearance of contributing – to over-incarceration” I’m hoping her next change of mind is “ending the war on drugs.”

Of course she didn’t have this issue when she was accepting the $133K check from companies that operate private incarceration centers. Oh yes I’m aware that she is no longer accepting money from these corporations, and yes she did decide now to donate the 133K to charity, that is actually the point. If you believe for one minute that Hillary’s perspective on the private prison system would have suddenly changed if Bernie Sanders wasn’t involved in this presidential election cycle, I have a unicorn to sell you, just give me that cone and a bottle of glue and I’ll be back.
Looking more closely at this sudden change of Hillary’s “heart”, you can see she is fighting hard to stay as close to the status quo corporately owned playbook as possible.  

“We should not contract out this core responsibility of the federal government, when we’re dealing with a mass incarceration crisis. (why should we ever contract this out especially if  as you have stated it’s a core responsibility of the federal government?) We don’t need private industry incentives that may contribute – or have the appearance  (may contribute? or have the appearance? Are you kidding the entire system is set up to not only contribute, but to create industry incentives. Its actually written into the law!) of contributing – to over-incarceration”

This is a classic case of political playbook BS word play designed to leave ample wiggle room if somehow she can find a way to use it post election. Bernie Sanders on the other hand doesn’t play by the playbook, and Hillary knows she cannot follow Bernie down a road without political playbooks. This is the real reason the democratic party is doing everything possible to have as few debates as possible, and make them as late as possible. Hillary cannot win a debate of ideologies with Sanders, she is tied to her playbook, and beholden to the corporations holding her purse strings. She might be a better speaker, she might provide incredible sound bites, but the truth is, electing Hillary Clinton doesn’t do anything to change America. She is owned by the same corporations that own the candidates on the “other” political spectrum.  

In fact if you were to take the time to map out the issues with the US political system, it would be a pretty quick exercise, and it would always end with money. Campaign finance is the single most influential problem with the currently political system in the US. In fact it’s probably the biggest reason we have only two political parties. Simply put buying off two candidates is much less costly than buying off 3 or 13. Corporate campaign money controls both parties, often at exactly the same time.

Don’t believe me? Well consider this, the same incarceration companies that gave Hillary $133K, also gave Marco Rubio $133K. How could this happen? Are their two candidates that have less in common that Rubio and Hillary? Not many, could some corporation really support essentially opposite ideologies all at once? Possibly, but I’ll put my money on the corporate SOB’s picking the two candidates who they think will have the best chances to be elected, and donating large sums of money with the wink and nod that they will get special favors in the future.   

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